Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Unholy Mess that is Drywall

Actually, that's not true. Or at least it's not true on my job site!  I walked in today to take a look at the drywall and see how everything was going.  It was looking good.  I didn't have the amount of time that I would need in order to do the full walk through, but that is something I'll do tomorrow.

The real reason why I stopped by was to find out how well we were doing on our schedule.  You see, we are getting down to the end.  2 months into the process and it just FLEW by.  But now we are getting to that point where the big wows will start happening.  There is something about drywall that makes a house feel complete.  Even without cabinets and toilets and floors, just that definition of space allows people to see what can be.  It's the most excited I've been through this whole process.  (though I think once the real finishes go in, that will be my favorite time!)

Where was I?  Ah, yes.  Back to the drywall.  Not that we are on the strictest of time since we probably won't put the house on the market until March 1st, but keeping to a schedule and finding those pitfalls that could extend our schedule out in future houses, that's really important.

The drywall guys are a day behind.  That is even with them working Christmas Eve at the site.  Am I mad?  No. Am I disappointed?  A little bit.  It's one less day for Shawn Sparks (henceforth known as The Painter) to prime and paint.  Starting Saturday until the Sunday after, Shawn will be adorable in a pair of painters paints and a mask.  Which I guess means we need to solidify some paint colors!  Aie!  Dios Mio!

After the painter is finished, our flooring guy will come in.  He's tiling the kitchen floor, and bathroom floors, putting in the tile surrounds for the bath tub and shower stall, and laying the hardwoods.

What next???  Stay tuned!

Pictures to come!

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