Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1 week behind...


When Shawn and I left for a quick trip north to see my little cousin, Chelsae, get married, everything seemed like it was going well.

Fast forward 7 days.  I walked in there this morning and some progress had been made.  A lot of electrical has been run.  Outlets and junction boxes are up and in.  This is good.  But this was only supposed to take 2 days.  Apparently the Baltimore City Inspector was not pleased with how something was done and a bunch had to be taken out and then redone.  Bummer.

What does that means for us?  It means that we are a week behind schedule.  Drywall, which was supposed to happen this week will not be done until next week.  Next week is when we were supposed to start flooring and tile!

To make things a little more manageable and to get everyone on the same page, I called a meeting of the Site Manager and my flooring guy.  Gratefully they were on the same page and have resolved any conflicts in schedule.

Hopefully everything will continue to go according to plan!

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