Thursday, March 24, 2011

From the CFO - I get by with a little help from my friends...

Renovating a house is a big job.  Even when we're not doing the majority of the work there is still a lot of stuff we are responsible for. We pre-ordered all the finish materials delivered to our primary residence. We also painted everything ourselves, which is another post entirely.

The thing about these big construction deliveries is that they come curbside.  That means they will drop them off on the sidewalk, and then you are on your own.  Delivered to our primary residence: 1.5 tons of hardwood, 2 tons of various tile, a kitchen's worth of cabinets, plumbing fixtures and other odds and ends.  They all had to go from the curb, into the home house.  Then from the home house to a pickup truck, then from the pickup into the flip house.

We could not have done this alone. Without some very helpful friends in town, it just would not have worked.  So, many thanks to Mike, Josh, and Craig for their help. They were all awesome in their willingness and availability.

Next time, we work harder on "just in time" delivery directly to the job site. (and save us all a few back-aches)